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Hi, Im doing a project for my nursing class and we are to join a discussion board and post a question. My question is about substance abuse and schools. I had a 25 year old cousin who recently passed away from an overdose, so I... Read More

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    Oh and btw, it is specifically the DARE program that is controversial. Study after study have shown no lasting effects on drug and alcohol use and some studies have shown an increase in graduates using drugs shortly after completing the program.
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    OP, you may be interested in this:
    Drug Abuse Resistance Education: The Effectiveness of DARE

    The DARE program has been found time and time again to do more harm than good. It's still around (at least in my state) but is controversial. Federal funds cannot be used for DARE programs because of its ineffectiveness. Yet, it is used in nearly 80% of schools in the US. So I guess the question shouldn't be "why aren't schools teaching about drug use/abuse?" but rather, "why are schools continuing to use an ineffective program?"

    I took DARE in middle school. It had zero effect on me and I never used any kinds of illegal substances. In fact, the only thing I remember from DARE is that the police officer who was in charge of it stole all the money from the program.
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    the kids in my scout troop thought very little of it. they used to say, "dare stands for drugs are really expensive."
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