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A spinal cord injured patient has several problems and complications related to his injury. So, how to cope up with them easily and how a nurse can provide better care in preventing complications of... Read More

  1. by   rahulsharma
    YA ASIA means american spine injury association which gives the severity of injury. In cervical injuries it depends on the level of injury for example if the injury is from C1-C3 the patient can be dependent to ventilatory support for life whereas C4-C5 are also same but there is some motor power can be preserved. In C6-C8 level the patient is able to do his breathing independently and some motor power can be preserved.
    For all the patient bladder can be managed by CIC 4-6 hourly an bowel training is provided to maintain the bowel and bladder functions. But in cervical injury patient we can't achieve full independence as they are quadriplegic patient.
  2. by   nurseprnRN
    Good. So what would be your priorities of care for each of these, and why? In your own words.