Schizophrenia care plan

  1. I have to turn a concept map for paranoid schizophrenia tomorrow and it is very difficult for me. I never had any problems completing a nice concept map for med-surg, but with's different. We didn't even do a physical assessment on our psych patients in clinical. I did interview my patient that has schizophrenia and chronic mental illness. I typed up a patho report about it and he exhibited some of the symptoms, but definitely not all. This patient was very bright and talked about how much better he was doing. He was very sad at one point and felt lonely. He wasn't a drug/alcohol abuser. He did express any delusions or mention that he ever had any. He didn't seem withdrawn or paranoid. He was very friendly and eager to talk to me. When I drawed up my sample concept, it looked so skimpy compared to a med-surg map. I don't know if on the care plan, I should write some of the statements he expressed or if I should just write the title of the symptoms. I looked all over the net for sample concept maps and didn't find any only a few for med-surg maps. Can someone help!!! Please!!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    These sound more like logistical problems that would be better answered by your instructors.
  4. by   dtermineddenise
    Yes, this might be true. But, I just really need help with how to set this concept map up.
  5. by   Daytonite
    there are templates and sample care maps you can look at on this thread: