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Review my pathophysiology diagram

  1. 0 Hello!

    In doing my assessment paper, I seem to be hung up on my pathophysiology diagram.
    I tried researching examples online, but I'm not seeing what my instructor is looking for.

    Here's the example I was given in class:

    If you are diagramming unstable angina your diagram might look like this:

    accelerated atherosclerotic occlusion of coronary arteries
    temporary ischemia of myocardial tissue
    irritation of peripheral sensory neurons by waste products as lactic acid

    Here's what I came up with for PNE.. Input appreciated.. am I on the right track??

    Inhaled microorganism reaches alveoli
    Alveoli become dialated-filled with fluids, organisms, neutrophils and RBC's
    Affected lung becomes consolidated

    Of course, we're assuming it was caused by inhaled microorganism and not irritant..
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    Quote from sassy5d

    here's what i came up with for pne.. input appreciated.. am i on the right track??

    inhaled microorganism reaches alveoli
    alveoli become dialated-filled with fluids, organisms, neutrophils and rbc's
    affected lung becomes consolidated

    of course, we're assuming it was caused by inhaled microorganism and not irritant..

    you are basically right. how much detail are you supposed to go into? personally i would add steps between what you've got now, like:

    1. inhaled microorganism reaches alveoli

    2. a little bit more about pathogen colonising and a local immune response (think macrophages, cytokines, vasodilation)

    3. alveoli become dialated-filled with fluid[color=silver]s, organisms, neutrophils [color=silver]and rbc's

    4. something about impaired gas exchange due to fluid build-up

    5. affected lung becomes consolidated (might phrase this "appears consolidated due to fluid collection")

    6. systemic effects ?
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    Thank you for input.. Still working on confidence here ha ha. I like what you've suggested thanks