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Question about holding nystatin

  1. 0 I have my first PO med checkoff next week and I'm going though a worksheet of the meds I need to know for the exam. Nysatin is one of the drugs and one of the questions asks why a nurse would ever hold a dose of this. I can't seem to find any reason why. I've looked through my lecture notes, online etc. I know it should be swished and swallowed after a meal, so if the patient has a meal coming, the nurse might wait to give the medication until after the meal, but I'm assuming the dose time would be scheduled to conicide with not right before a meal time.

    So, are there any reasons why a nurse would hold a dose?
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    You wouldn't give it to a patient that is NPO for a procedure, unable to swallow, nonresponsive or vomiting.

    In a real world application I wouldn't give it until after a meal.
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    Forgive me, I just finished writing my very first care plan so my brain is a bit fried.
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