1. I know that Qualaquin (quinine) is an anti-malarial drug, and so far that is the only use that I have found for it. a patient of mine was admitted for a UTI and dysuria; has a history of hematuria, anemia, hyperthyroidism (which also makes me wonder why she is on Synthroid?), ^ cholesterol, hydronephrosis, renal insufficiency; she has an ileal conduit (w/ drainage bag) located on her left abdomen since december '07 and had a right nephrostomy (with a drainage bag) done on 6/18. she had bladder CA in '06 and a nephrostomy in '05. There was nothing in her history about malaria or anything. Is anyone able to explain the connection to me? I'm just not understanding it Thanks!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    It's probably being given for leg cramps. That is a common use for quinine.
  4. by   shrimpchips
    Thank you, Daytonite!