Phenomenological Research.. Help, anyone?

  1. Hi, I'm wonderin' if anyone can help me since it's my first time to have nursing research as a subject. I have no idea just what theory would be best for our study which is a phenomenological research on how women cope with the loss of their chance of becoming mothers because of spontaneous abortion. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   Esme12
    Maybe this will help you start.....Phenomenological Research Guidelines - Capilano University.
    Phenomenological Research Guidelines
    by Dr. Janet Waters
    Research Method:

    The goal of qualitative phenomenological research is to describe a "lived experience" of a phenomenon. As this is a qualitative analysis of narrative data, methods to analyze its data must be quite different from more traditional or quantitative methods of research.
    Data collection:

    Any way the participant can describe their lived phenomenal experience can be used to gather data in a phenomenological study. You can use an interview to gather the participants' descriptions of their experience, or the participants' written or oral self-report, or even their aesthetic expressions (e.g. art, narratives, or poetry).
    Try to be as non-directive as possible in your instructions. Unlike a survey or questionnaire, in a phenomenological study you would ask participants to describe their experience of, for example, "riding on a BC Ferry", without directing or suggesting their description in any way. However, do encourage your participant to give a full description of their experience, including their thoughts, feelings, images, sensations, memories - their stream of consciousness - along with a description of the situation in which the experience occurred. You may need to ask for clarification of details on the self-report or interview. If so, your follow up questions should again ask for further description of the detail, without suggesting what you are looking for.