Pharmacology Drug Cards - How did you make yours? Pharmacology Drug Cards - How did you make yours? | allnurses

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Pharmacology Drug Cards - How did you make yours?

  1. 0 Hi Everyone!

    I just started Phram and we need to make our drug cards like I am sure many of you may have already done. I have seen a couple "templates" and samples, and made a few myself, but I just wanted to get feedback from everyone..

    What tips or tricks did you find for making yours in a way that was helpful for studying & memorization?

    Formatting, highlighting, color coding, anything... ?? Justing copying all that info in pencil just isn't getting it for me. I finish, then I go back and look at it to study and my eyes blur and cross and my brain shuts down like "Oh too much info... " LOL :chuckle

    I have the 5x7 index cards, biggest I can find. They should do the trick cuz the smaller ones don't cut it.

    Thanks for any ideas!
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    there is a free online formater called construct-a-card that you can use. here is the weblink for it:

    also check out the weblinks on this sticky thread of allnurses: Pharmacology help! - pharmacolgy help!
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    When I would make out med cards I would write out:
    #1. trade & generic name; classification

    #2. action of drug

    #3. side effects (at first I would list ALL the side effects, then eventually narrowed it down to what would harm/kill the patient....for the ones that could potentially kill I highlighted them, and then for the ones that'd harm I would underline those.)

    #4. Nursing implications

    #5. Teaching

    As we went along some of the drugs dosages just became "standard" if you will, but when I got to the emergent cardiac meds I would include the dosages.

    That was my way of making them out. I'm sure you'll see others!

    Good luck to you!