oxygenation/cardiac perfusion

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    1st semester student currently studying oxygenation/cardiac perfusion. I have read the text, looked up online resources, reviewed the study guide, reviewed my own notes and lecture notes, and did the practice questions from the book/online. We have an exam next Tuesday and I believe I am grasping/understanding the information, but didn't know if anyone knew of a great website that I could quiz/test myself on other than what Ive already done. I want to make sure that I am understing the concepts.

    Any information is greatly appreciated !

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    I don't have any topic-specific recommendations for you, but I always search youtube for videos on concepts I'm studying, as well as quizlet.com for flashcard/quiz sets. If you search "Nclex+(your topic)" on quizlet, you'll often get test-type questions to practice with. Good luck!
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    Thank you ! I will definately look into them both.

    Thanks again !
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    try talking it out with classmates. If you can teach it, you know it
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