Nursing School Blues. Advice needed!

  1. Hello there! I am in my first semester of nursing school (it's midterms already!). I am 25 years old with a BA. I have wanted to go to nursing school for some time and once I got in, it was all I looked forward to. Now that I am in school and have started clinical, I have become anxious, depressed, and I can't handle anything. My clinical instructor always tells me what I am doing wrong and never what I am doing right. Everyone that I've talked to says that nursing school was the worst 2 years of their lives. I am getting good grades but find that I never have a minute to just relax. Most people in my class don't even work. I'm one of the few who does. I guess I just want to hear from other nursing students/past nursing students. Does it get any better? I want to be a nurse so badly but is it worth 2 years of hell?
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  3. by   Nurse Kyles
    I was 25 when I started nursing school, and also held a job throughout. I only worked 2- 10 hour days a week, and had every weekend off. Even that amount of work seemed like too much at times. How much do you work? Nursing school can be so demanding that you feel like you are in your own little world. I neglected my family, friends, husband and housework for two years. I would try to catch up with people and chores when I had a chance, but that really wasn't that often. It really helps if your family and friends are understanding of your commitment to nursing school.

    Nursing instructors will be very tough on you, but some will be more encouraging than others. Just keep plugging away. You are already an 1/8 done with school. Can you believe that? I whole-heartedly believe that the "two years of hell" is indeed worth it. I have been an RN for 8 month and love it. Being a nurse is way better than being a nursing student. Good Luck!!!
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  4. by   9#n
    Thanks for the encouragement! I only work between 10-18 hours a week but it seems like so much more with all the other school work added in. I know I need to stick with it because I want to be an RN so badly. I just wish it was a little less stressful.
  5. by   hodgieRN
    I always got singled out to do stuff. "Ready to give another enema?" "Ah, come on..I've done 2 already and no one else was told they needed to do it." Remember, some single you out because they know you can handle it. When they don't leave you alone, they aren't trying to ride you...they are trying to push you b/c they know you've got it. And as for the other students that slip by.... they are not expected to be great nurses. The instructors want to see what you are made of...if you can rise to the challenge. I swear in my last year, my instructor made me do every damn blood draw, every IV start, even on pts I wasn't taking care of. "You are forgetting this, this, and you did this wrong. Make it better." And so I did...and on my first month as a RN, I was able to start IV's left and right. Then, fellow team members starting coming to me to ask if I could start an IV for them...and some of these nurses had already been nurse for 2 years. They just don't get good experience. Take an initiative..ask you instructor " Are there any pt that need IV or blood draws. I would really like to learn how to do that." They LOVE that stuff! They hate the student that only cares about the care plan or the student who only does tasks if the instructor makes them.

    If ya think about, must nurses don't start IV...that is done by IV team, or the IV is already b/c the pt came from ER. The reason I am saying this is b/c if you must have good self worth in the hospital, it will pour over into your experiences with friends and family. If you are happy at your job, then things are good at home. I would get frustrated at work and then come home on complain about work to my girlfriend. Not good!

    Let the instructors ride you....prove them wrong. Their job is to make you competent, not be your friend. Know your stuff and if the instructor pulls you aside to do some stupid job...knock it out of the park..and say "What ya got next for me?" That's how you get an A in clinical. You will be more efficient and there will be more time with friends and family. The care plan that takes 3 days to complete ( missing out on all the fun times with your friends) will become a 45 min care plan. Done! I finished a care plan on a plane ride out to vegas. By the time I landed, everything was done. I didn't even get a final look at it until sunday night before clinicals. I didn't miss out on the festivities and I got a good grade. It's all about time management and efficiency.At the end of school, you'll probably be bored b/c you will be able to knock out things so qucikly. Keep your head up and be pro-active with the instructors. Again, they love that stuff! Best wishes!
  6. by   booncis

    Thanks for the great, encouraging post! I needed this little booster also.

    Nursing school is Not easy... I am thankful that I have a husband & two children who are terrifically supportive. I do not have a paying job outside of the home - maintaining my relationship w/ hubby & kids is my "job."

    I keep telling myself, "this too shall pass...this situation is's not forever."

    Hang in there everyone and have a blessed day! We can do this!
  7. by   classicdame
    I like to say that you are learning a new language and a new culture. Yes, it is stressful. So is actual, real life nursing. If you can find a way to cope then you will learn a lot about yourself. Remember, the instructors will not always be around. Think of this time as a loop you have to jump through.