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  1. I'm in my spring semester of my junior year in a BSN program. We are currently taking Nursing Research. We are required to write a 10 page evidence based practice research paper. We do not have to perform any research studies, we just have to sythesize and review research articles.

    I'm looking for possible topics.

    My interest area includes critical care. I currently work as an aide on a critical care unit and I would like to pursue being a critical care nurse after I graduate.

    Any suggestions? I am open to all areas of nursing.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    As background to help you think about this, check out a nifty little book called "Nursing and Ritualistic Practices," by Virginia H. Walker. It wil blow your mind, get you to look at your practice in a whole 'nother light; this is what your faculty wants you to discover.