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  1. 0 Quick question: my patient has copd and is on 2 liters of O2 and spo2 was 97%. Can I still use impaired gas exchange? Without the oxygen her stats drop and she complains of dyspnea even with the o2.
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    Yes! The fact that she requires oxygen means there is an impairment. Also, desaturation is the big one.
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    Ok thanks.
    I'm having trouble on the wording tho. Would it be Impaired Gas Exchange r/t ventilation-perfusion imbalance or COPD? Also the aeb, would it be dyspnea and desaturation to 86% or would I say aeb by requirement of O2 to maintain spo2 >90%?
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    Anyone? It's due tonight and I am not sure about my wording.
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    What does NANDA say? Impaired Gas exchange
    NANDA-IDefinition (Ackley: Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, 9th Edition) Excess or deficit in oxygenation and/or carbon dioxide elimination at the alveolar-capillary membrane

    Defining Characteristics

    Abnormal arterial blood gases; abnormal arterial pH; abnormal breathing (e.g., rate, rhythm, depth); abnormal skin color (e.g., pale, dusky); confusion; cyanosis; decreased carbon dioxide; diaphoresis; dyspnea; headache upon awakening; hypercapnia; hypoxemia; hypoxia; irritability; nasal flaring; restlessness, somnolence; tachycardia; visual disturbances

    Related Factors (r/t)

    Ventilation-perfusion imbalance; alveolar-capillary membrane changes

    Impaired Gas Exchange R/T Ventilation-perfusion imbalance due to COPD AEB......

    Make sense?