Nursing care plan for urosepsis

  1. I need a little help!! My pt was admitted with Urosepsis. He has a hx of CVA, HTN, macular degeneration, seizures, hyperlipidemia, encephalopathy. My instructor approved of the first dx of Ineffective renal perfusion (because of his increased BUN, creat, low urine output, dehydration) When he was admitted, he had low BP (it is higher now) but she wants me to look at the whole picture and wants me to include a nursing plan dealing with the hypotension. She stated that I could use Decreased Cardiac output. How can I use that dx without being too similar to the first one???? Would it be Decreased Cardiac output RT urosepsia AEB hypotension ??? that seems too simple to me! She wants us to use "level 3" nursing dx so it cant be acute confusion, or risk for falls, etc. PLEASE HELP!!
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    So i was thinking....
    Decreased cardiac output RT myocardial dysfunction secondary to sepsis AEB hypotension, tachycardia, and pallor skin?
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    I moved your post to nursing student assistance for best response..... Does your school use NANDA I for your diagnosis?

    Care plan are all about the assessment of the patient and what they need....tell me about your patient and what they NEED!
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