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    Hello! I'm a pre-nursing student and I've pretty much got all my gen-eds done, WAHOO!! I was wondering if any had any tips on taking the NLN exam?? I did fairly well on 2/3 sections, it's just my MATH WAS HORRIBLE! I'm not a GREAT test taker, especially when it comes to math. Any thoughts/suggestions on how to do better on the MATH portion?? thank you for your time!
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    Do you have the NLN Study Guide? Im like you, math is not my strongest point and Im a second career student so I needed a refresher. I studied the math concepts for about 2 days to make sure I remembered how to do then. Took the NLN and passed with a 96%. I don't think the test took me over 45minutes to an hour to take...
    It wasn't very difficult actually! But Im also a good standardized test taker.
    I would advise looking over the book, practicing the problems and go in there relaxed. Also don't wait until the very last minute to take it!
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    I did the study guide over and over. I also went for math tutoring at my school. Good luck!