Need help with priority Nursing Dx for first stage of labor

  1. All we were given to go off of was that we are to make a nursing care plan with a full page single space of nursing diagnosis for a woman during stage 1 of term labor & vaginal birth. Pt would be considered normal and low risk. Priorities cannot be hemorrhage, inverted uterus, ruptured uterus or anything life threatening. I have basics like acute pain, powerlessness, anxiety and fatigue. But how would I prioritize these? We have to pick three priority and then a first priority and write a care plan on that. I have the NANDA diagnosis book and used those. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   Esme12
    Your patient may be fearful...this will affect their coping

    They will have pain

    You can feel powerless.

    According to Maslows...what is important first?