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Need help with neuromuscular disorders

  1. 0 Can anyone share with me tips/tricks on remembering Parkinsons, Guillian barre, MS, ALS, myasthenia gravis. It seems so confusing especially when some of them have similar signs and symptoms...
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    Look up nursing mnemonics. Parkinsons the person will probably have a pill-rolling tremor, mask-like expression, and have difficulty starting and stopping. Guillian Barre (GBS) is ascending paralysis that is bilateral and results from peripheral demylination typically from a viral infection. Multiple Schelorosis (MS) is central demylination that usually has weakness unilaterally, is characterized by exacerbations and remissions usually from stress or infection typically treated with a steroid, is autoimmune and can be familial and usually occurs in females. Myasthenia Gravis result from I believe antibodies against acetylcholine binding to ACh receptors at the synapse and can result in Myasthenic Crisis or Cholinergic Crisis depending on if the patient is over or under medicated; Mestinon is the common drug for MG, tensilon the drug to test if the patient has too much or too little, and atropine is used to treat Cholinergic crisis if the case is that there is too much. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - PubMed Health is a site that used help with ALS as I am not too familar with it. Hope this helps, if not maybe you can ask what specifically is giving you trouble with them.
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    Thank you for breaking those up for me, we didn't have a lecture on those disorders we were given the power points and told that it would take 5 hours for her to teach them and that it was boring for her to do each year.
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    Quote from Kaysmom8

    Thank you for breaking those up for me, we didn't have a lecture on those disorders we were given the power points and told that it would take 5 hours for her to teach them and that it was boring for her to do each year.
    What" really? unbelievable.....sigh

    Common Neuromuscular Disorders Treated at Cleveland Clinic Neuromuscular Center:

    Myasthenia gravis causes fluctuating muscle weakness and fatigue. It interferes with messages the nerves send to the muscles (circulating antibodies block receptors at the neuromuscular junction). It usually involves weakness in chewing, talking, swallowing & the eye muscles.

    Multiple Sclerosis attacks thecentral nervous system -brain and spinal cord - interfering with the nerves system signals and causing neurological symptoms. It can follow an unpredictable course. You may experience only some of the symptoms and never have others. Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, pain, burning, and visual disturbances, tremor, difficulty walking, lack of coordination & constipation

    Gullain-Barre syndrome (Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) affects the body's immune system attacking the nervous system and causing a neuromuscular disease with initial symptoms of weakness and tingling starting in legs and rapid progression to paralysis in legs, arms, face and breathing muscles

    Auto immune Disorders
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    Thank you, I've made note cards from her mess of a lecture, this is the second lecture on this test that she did this to us. So we are left teaching ourselves neuro disorders and epilepsy unfortunately...
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    Due to some of the rules of the website I cannot reply to your private message since I am fairly new to the site. You are welcome. To answer your question I am a nursing student in a BSN program and we just went of these disorders in depth. Let me know if I can help with anything else, and I will try to help if I know it
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    While I can't really offer any good, clean, and acceptable (within this site's TOS) mnemonics for the other conditions, I do have one that may help you and still keep me legal here.

    Gullain-Barre syndrome: For the signs/symptoms, think about a bar (Barre) that begins at the feet and rises upward to the core. Also consider that the condition may soon develop in the hands and face, and the symptoms migrate towards the core of the body as well. Again, picturing a bar in the hand moving towards the core can be used as a help in imagining the name association.