NCP - risk for ineffective tissue perfusion goals

  1. Hi, Im writing a careplan on a patient who had esophageal varices that were actively bleeding. My nursing diagnosis is ineffective tissue perfusion related to compromised blood flow secondary to bleeding esophageal varices:
    goal #1: Pt. will remain free from signs on active bleeding
    goal #2: Pt. will remain free from signs of hypovolemic shock

    Are these two the same? I have different outcomes and interventions and i could not think of any other goals. Any ideas???
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  3. by   DolceVita
    I thought when you used ineffective tissue perfusion one had to state the type. I could be wrong.

    Have a look at this website:

    It has ineffective tissue perfusion at the bottom.

    Do you only have to write up one ND? Man are you lucky.
  4. by   suzers26
    I wouldn't say they are the same, but active bleeding can lead to hypovolemic shock if too much volume is lost.
    If your NSg DX is ineffective tissue perfusion think what the signs are that those tissues are being deprived of oxygen, and remaining free of those individual symptoms can all be goals. Good Luck