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My first patient. HELP!

  1. 0 Please help! I need some ideas. I have my first patient and he cannot communicate his needs to me. I can tell he understands me, but i can't understand him. He is aphasic, diabetic, and has had a severe CVA. Any ideas? I think i need more moral support!
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    Hi, I am a speech-language pathologist, and the use of pictures/communication board may help your patient. Ask the SLP if he/she can create pictures to assist the patient with expressing his wants/needs. Also, you can have the patient write what he want to communicate if the side he uses has not been affected by the stroke. I hope this helps!!
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    Thanks so much. I'll try the picture idea. the previous CNA's say he can communicate by tapping yes or no answers, but i think i just got overwhelmed since it was my first patient and all.
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    You can link in to more information from this web page: