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My 1st Teaching Care Plan-Primary Dx: Dementia, Secondary Dx: Multiple

  1. 0 I desperately need help getting started with my teaching care plan for an 89 yo, Female, primary dx: Dementia, Secondary Dx are multiple but a few are: type 2 Diabetic, Dysphagia, Chronic Kidney Dz-Stage 1
    I initially wanted to do my care plan on "pt safety". I had noticed her WC parked out of reach from her bed and she had regular socks as opposed to skid socks. Pt lives in nsg home and I did not have a whole lot of time w/her.
    My biggest obstacle is in my head, lack of experience and the knowledge that with Dementia she is not going to retain what I do teach. I thought about family/caregiver teaching however I will not be having contact with them as I am only at this location 2 more days.
    What is the best way to approach ANY teaching care plan directed at the patient when the patient has Dementia?
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    Sometimes you have to do a hypothetical plan. Of course your patient isn't going to retain new information. Before you start, ask your instructor if it's ok to do a teaching plan for family or other caregivers for this person, including a (hypothetical) needs assessment-- what do they know and what would they like to know? If she's a permanent resident in the SNF, perhaps you could put together one for the CNAs or a staff meeting.
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