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    I typically dread papers, but believe I can providee some much needed education to my peers and advisor about the promotion of mental health, and what that looks like as a nurse would impliment it. While it seems everyone is doing a paper on health promotion nurses have conducted r/t obesity/nutrition/excercise, I'm venturing to where I feel a tug at my heart (knowing too I'm completely unable to write when I'm not interested). But oh the research.....

    i've spent hours and hours with our crap databases, and have found one article that's brillant "emotion locomotion", but while I can find snippets of other articles as potential, I'm unable to access them. I've spent an inordinate amount of time just looking for 3 current (since 2005/2006) article related to mental health promotion made by nurses (article written by nurse too). I'm not familiar at all with the databases that are typical to the nursing field, and have never had problems researching before (economics major). I've utilized that minimal resources I could (our library and research/communication center), but they all seem to be very unclear about what health PROMOTION is (NOT DISEASE SPECIFIC), and my faculty advisor, well...not so helpful. I know there are some things out there, which is just fruuuuuuuuuustrating, because trying to find it has been just a maze, so if anyone has anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy research suggestions of how to find 2 other articles about the topic, or where to search, I'd sooooooooooooo appreciate it!!!!

    -stressed out and sleep deprived!
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