Mental Health Care Plan practice and Prioritizing Mental Health Care Plan practice and Prioritizing - pg.2 | allnurses

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Mental Health Care Plan practice and Prioritizing - page 2

Apologies in advance for the long novel but I wanted to give a brief & concise description of my patient. I just had my Mental Health Clinical and am practicing on writing a problems list with... Read More

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    Did you add .....contracts for safety in the care plan as a part of your interventions? Great job!!!!!!
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    Thank you! I did. One of the outcomes was "patient will be on suicide observation q15 minutes, she will follow a no-suicide contract and identify at least two people they can contact that can provide emotional support by..." Mental Health care plan was a bit tougher for me than Maternal Newborn. My care plan was not patient-focused enough. But, overall, the instructor liked how I had it set up