issue with grading. please help!

  1. Hey all,
    I browse here quite often but I just decided to register. Anyways, I'm in an ADN program here in Texas. I just wanted to get everyone's input about my nursing classes situation.

    We just finished up a 16-week course over Critical Care. After that, we were required to take two exit exams in order to pass our program. Our instructors were concerned with cheating, so they did NOT tell us anything regarding our exit exams, just that we should "study like we would for nclex." We knew that we had exit exams all semester, but they never outlined the grading criteria or gave us any information about our tests until a week before. So we only had a week to study an "nclex style" test. We also didn't find out WHAT exact test we were taking until we sat in front of our computers.

    The way they decided to grade us on these exits were a point system. We needed a total of 4 points between the two tests in order to pass.

    On Exit Exam 1:
    <75 = 0 point
    75-82 = 1 point
    83-89 = 2 points
    90+ = 3 points

    Exit Exam 2:
    Below threshold = 0 points
    Average Threshold = 2 points
    Above Threshold = 3 points

    We took our first one yesterday, and it was a comprehensive NLN exam. I get my score and it's a 72. I feel defeated because I'm out before I can even take the second exit exam. But I continue to read my score report and it says,

    "Your overall score on this exam is 72%. This score represents the percentage of items on the total test that you answered correctly. Individuals who score at this level have a 87 percent likelihood of passing the NCLEX-RN if they maintain the same level of proficiency and test in the near future"

    So it says I have an 87% chance of passing NCLEX... that's supposed to be good right? Well, our instructors have told us that they are taking our overall score. So my 72%. Most of our class only gotten either 0 or 1 points on our exam if they're taking the overall score. And that's crazy to me because a couple of my friends made 81's and it said they had a 96% chance of passing NCLEX. But still that only gives them 1 point?!?!

    I guess I just want to see what you guys think about the situation. Is this grading criteria fair or absolutely ridiculous like I think it is? Have you guys taken NLN style exams & if so what is your requirement to pass?

    A couple of my classmates had emailed other nursing schools around our area and one school said that they only have to make a 50 on theirs because that means they're 75% likely to pass nclex. Another said 65. I'm just confused and disheartened. I've made it all two years of school and passed my classes (with B's) and this one test is going to make or break me.

    We take our second exit exam tomorrow. I'm discouraged, but I'm still going to give it my best regardless of the outcome.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    We took NLN exit exams but they didn't count for anything, just were for us to see where we stood. It was a good thing. Almost every single person in my class failed the exam miserably. I don't remember if they told us beforehand that they didn't count. If they did, then probably the majority just blew the tests off.