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I'm doing research on the moral & ethical theory of Immanuel Kant. The primary principle of Kant's ethics, "the duty to act" primary means that it everyone's duty to do what is right just... Read More

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    Well done.

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    I agree with the above-
    1.op ought to think about this and do her homework
    2. And discussion Kant would be interesting to have here.

    OP - please tell us what you think. Can you envision a sitituation where a nurse might to the morally right thing and have a bad outcome?

    I am interested in Herr Kant's views on autonomy/personhood. He argued that it is the possession of reason that makes us human. Thus in order to have autonomy we must be able to reason. Absent reason, autonomy is an illusion.

    This seems applicable to to concept of informed consent. For example, can a person in the emotional throws of a life threatening illness provide a truly informed consent? Isn't there something in the nature of catastrophic illness that impedes our ability to reason?

    I think there is. And I think this is important for us as nurses.
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    Every time someone mentions Immanuel Kant, I think of
    The Philosopher's Song - Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl
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