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Ideas for guest speaker

  1. 0 I am a member of the student nurses association at my school and I am in charge of finding guest speakers. What would be an interesting topic that people would enjoy hearing about?
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    You want to ask your prospective audience, not us!

    Suggestion, though: cruise through these fora and see what professional issues topics get the most discussion-- licensure issues, ethical challenges, HIPAA (please, just the facts!), how nursing plans of care are differentiated from medical plans of care and why we care about that, hospice/palliative care, nontraditional nursing roles and jobs.... the choices are endless.
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    consider having an "expert". Nurse Practitioner, SANE nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Physical Therapist (our class had a PT come show us how to get people off the floor and other hints about transferring. Really informative)

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