I have an Ulcerative Colitis patient to care for tomorrow. Questions about diet? - page 3

So tomorrow, I'm assigned to care for a patient on the med/surg floor with an admitting diagnosis of "Ulcerative Colitis with Exacerbation". Simple enough, right? The patient's charts say their diet is "Soft, low fiber". So... Read More

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    If you click on the links I provided to you......they will give you what you need.

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    Okay, I looked through those links, and they did help a bit. Thanks for that.

    I now need some help for the labs. On my CDB sheet, it says this:

    "1) List abnormal and significant "Normal" lab values. Include pertinent changes over time.* 2) include possible rationale for these changes and 3) collaborative & nursing interventions for each change. Cite reference.
    * For example: If hemoglobin & hematocrit (H&H) have fluctuated over last week, explain why. If unsure, list possible reasons and give rationale. Include implications for nursing care of this client."

    So I'm looking over the lab values. The AST (84) and the ALT (180) are way way elevated, but I can't figure out why. Don't those two lab thingies have to do with the liver? But when I felt for this patient's liver, I couldn't feel it. What's up with that?
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    Quote from samianquazi
    But what if they go to the toilet when I'm not in the room and void and then flush?
    You bring in a hat into the patient's room. Show the patient the hat and tell them that you will be putting this on the toilet. Tell them you want them to urinate in it because you want to measure their output. Also-- keep in mind that it's very common to see blood in the stool of somebody who has ulcerative colitis. You can ask your patient if they noticed this the last time they had a bowel movement.
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    I had UC until my ileostomy. Using the hat is so embarrassing for patients. But they're all correct, the patient should know what their trigger foods are.

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