Hypertension Primary Nursing Diagnosis . . . Please Help !

  1. hello,

    i'm doing a ncp for a 78-year old, african american female. she has been diagnosed with primary hypertension. her lab values are normal; she has been on a thiazide diuretic and a mild beta blocker. she doesn't smoke; she just joined a walking club at her senior center. the only thing i have to go on is that she admittedly states " i'm having a hard time giving up salt in my diet" and she also has a significant family hx. i've came up with:

    1. risk for decreased cardiac tissue perfusion . . . this could fit renal, gi,cerebral as well.
    2. ineffective therapeutic regimen management r/t . . . the sodium intake ?

    can i use the risk for as a primary diagnosis? also am i missing something ? it seems like there would be many diagnosis's for her but after looking through my diagnosis book most of the defining characterestics do not seem to fit her . ..

    any help would be so, so , so appreciated !
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  3. by   Esme12
    Nursing Care Plan for Knowledge deficient: disease states, treatments, community resources, nutrition, and wellness activities

    Knowledge deficient: disease states, treatments, community resources, nutrition, and wellness. Activities, R/T information misinterpretation, unfamiliarity with information resources and lack of exposure as evidenced by verbalized deficiency in knowledge, inaccurate perceptions of health status and failure to correctly perform prescribed health behaviors.

    actual problems should come first.