How to prepare for NLN NACE II RN-BSN Exam?

  1. Hi everyone,
    NACE RN-BSN Nursing accelerated challenge exam. My RN-BSN program wants all of the unemployed nursing students and uh thoes less than 1 year exp to take this exam but I can't find review books on it except for 1 company which i've never heard of mometrix. Strange how little information there is on this exam.

    Is this exam the same or harder than NCLEX? Can I study for it as if it was Nclex? if not how so. Anyone took this before?

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  3. by   norRN
    Hi. Did you hear from anyone about this? I'm going into a program that requires this test too, and I'm starting to do some research into it. I can't find anything except that same company you had stated earlier.