How *not* to draw up morphine - page 2

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I thought I'd share what happened to me on my last clinical rotation, since it (a) is funny in a stupid way, and (b) might keep someone from making the same mistake. And just so you know, I'm in my last semester and not an idiot,... Read More

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    Thankfully my instructor stopped me before I made this same mistake...she told me to never inject air in those types of vials unless you want a torpedo going across the room! It happens, OP!
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    hahahha... I know several people that's happened to!
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    Welp, glad I'm not alone!

    Thanks everyone for the sympathy and the commiseration! Definitely the kind of mistake you only make once!
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    Welcome to the world of carpujects. We use 'em for mophine & dilaudid. And yes, we've all done what you did. That's why I use the carpuject injector to deliver those meds. No needles, no risk of blowing the cap off.