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high school student in need for informational interview

  1. 0 hi i am a high school senior. i am considering being a nurse in future and i would please like to have an informational interview by email, phone or here. thankyou.
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    Hello, are you sure your teacher wants you to post on an anonymous, international public message forum to solicit for an interview?

    You have no way of knowing who is responding, while the terms of service of this site limits user names containing earned professional titles and credentials to those who have the same, there is no guarantee as membership does not require an application. Perhaps speaking with your school nurse, calling the local minute clinic, hospital, doctor's office, public health clinic, health department, or other facility and explaining what you wish to accomplish will garner you an in person interview. There is a lot to be gained by a face to face or even a telephone interviewer that cannot be ascertained by an anonymous internet post or email.

    Best of luck to you.