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  1. 0 I am hoping to get some test bank questions fro Med-Surg by Iggy 5th ed. Our instructor writes his own questions, but studying with test questions really helps our study group, can anyone help? We can use all the help we can get!!:bowingpur
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    i know of one online nursing textbook companion website that has some questions that you can get access to, but they are not many:
    the nuclex review books come with cds that contain thousands of questions. have any of your fellow students looked at any of those?
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    Thanks for your quick reply, I have this Kozier book and will indeed use it again. I also saved the student help sheets to my files.
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    Quote from Daytonite
    NCLEX review books come with CDs that contain thousands of questions. Have any of your fellow students looked at any of those?

    I would review NCLEX questions for each section you are studying. That's how I made it through med/surg I and advanced med/surg. It will also give you a 'leg up' when it comes time to take your boards.

    Good Luck,
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    Yes we have several review books on hand for the NCLEX, I hadn't actually thought of using those questions other than for our careplans. I wll pull out some of the questions from them, Thanks for sharing, Future Nurses of America from WCCCD, Bette
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    they have a couple of questions for med/surg
    try this website too!
    Good luck~
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    Thank you for the site, I will try this and see what we get!! :roll

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