Help with prioritizing diagnosis

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    I am trying to prioritize my diagnosis not sure what the rationale should be. My pt is in acute renal failure and has a uti.
    I chose
    Fluid volume excess r/t compramised regulatory mechanism AEB elvated creatinine & bun.
    Impaired urinary elimination: frequency r/t urinary tract infection AEB .....

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    Ineffective renal perfusion comes to mind.
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    Is that an approved NANDA-I nursing diagnosis? If it isn't you can't use it. (Hint: while "risk for ineffective renal perfusion" is an approved nursing dx with risk factors listed (those would be your "related to (caused by)" ), "ineffective renal perfusion" is not an approved nursing dx and you can't use it for one.

    Please get a better handle on how to formulate a nursing diagnosis statement, because it's one of the most common errors students make. You WILL need a NANDA-I 2012-2014, free 2-day shipping from Amazon for students, to be able to do this properly, even if the faculty forgot to put it on your reading list. This is not negotiable. This is what you need to know:

    A nursing diagnosis statement translated into regular English goes something like this: "I think my patient has ____(diagnosis)_____________ . He has this because he has ___(related factor(s))__. I know this because I see/assessed/found in the chart (as evidenced by) __(defining characteristic(s))________________."
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    You're right, it is "Risk for..." I was just throwing out an idea. I have a fancy NANDA ebook that I use for research when doing my care plans. I guess I just assume everyone else knows the NANDA rules too! I will have to be more accurate when offering advice.

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