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    Hi, please can someone tell me how I work out the level of evidence of an article using the NHMRC level of evidence.

    So what level of evidence would these three articles be
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    We love helping with homework but we need your input first. Tell us what you think and start the dialog and we will chime in!
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    Thanks, but I'm new to this and really don't understand how I work it out. Do you know of any sites that can help me with working this out.
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    Right.....well....what does your school tell you about ranking medical information? I am from the US and I found these resources on Google.

    Level I

    Evidence obtained from a systematic review of all relevant randomised controlled trials.
    Level II

    Evidence obtained from at least one properly designed randomised controlled trial.
    Level III-1

    Evidence obtained from well-designed pseudo-randomised controlled trials (alternate allocation or some other method).
    Level III-2

    Evidence obtained from comparative studies with concurrent controls and allocation not randomised (cohort studies), case control studies, or interrupted time series with a control group.
    Level III-3

    Evidence obtained from comparative studies with historical control, two or more single-arm studies, or interrupted time series without a parallel control group.
    Level IV

    Evidence obtained from case series, either post-test or pre-test and post-test. of Evidence FAME
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