HELP---Collaborative problem/potential complication question HELP---Collaborative problem/potential complication question | allnurses

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HELP---Collaborative problem/potential complication question

  1. 0 I am at a neuro rehab facility for this clinical rotation-my last -thank god. I am having a hard time coming up with a collaborative problem on 1 of my patients. She is getting discharged on Oct 5 (her surgery was on 9/12/06). She is S/P craniotomy as result of a subarachnid hemorrhage. She really is doing good. Instructor does not want us to use DVT as potential complication. Patient is really past the vasospasm danger. What should I use?
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    A collaborative problem, or potential complication, for all brain surgery patients is seizures. They can happen at any time post-operatively whether it be in the very immediate post-op period or months down the road.
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    What about infection, risk for
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    What contributed to her subarachnoid hemorrhage in the first place? Is it a condition that might recur? Did she have a berry aneurism or AVM? You might find something behind the the condition that brought her in that might be a collaborative problem. Does she smoke? Does she have high blood pressure? Does she have clotting problems? If you use Wilkinson for your nursing diagnoses, there is a section in the back that lists potential complications/collaborative problems for a lot of conditions. For craniotomy she lists around 18. Seizures, as daytonite mentioned. Cranial nerve impairment (what damage may have been done?) Meningitis from irritation/infection.

    Hope any of that helps