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I am in LPN school. This is my first med-surg care plan. I need help coming up with my 10 nursing diagnoses for this lady. She is an 87 yr old who fell and fractured her right hip and right humerus. She also has HTN, COPD, and... Read More

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    I didn't read your entire post so I missed that you had all of the ones that I listed.

    - Does she have family taking care of her? You could use "Caregiver Role Strain" (Remember that your "client" isn't just the patient, it is the whole family)
    - What are her vitals? Remember that elderly people are more likely to have a low temperature over all and it goes even lower when they develop infection so you could use "Hypothermia" or "Ineffective Thermoregulation"
    - "Risk for unstable blood glucose"
    - Impaired Physical Mobility
    - Impaired Walking (Which is in my book, I saw there was a question to it by another poster. I use the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook by Ackley and Ladwig)
    - Any one of the "Self-Care" deficits could be appropriate.

    Anyway...thats a few that I can think of. You'll learn more as you get into it. This is my third semester for my RN degree and it's becoming more clear the more I do it. Don't give up hope!
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    Thanks everyone for the help! I really appreciate it!! O yea and i finally broke down and ordered a care plan book yesterday maybe it will help me out. My problem with this one was that having to plug all her meds in (which most were to do with her hear) but all that was really being focused on was the fx's.

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