help! care plan on TIA patient

  1. I'm sure Daytonite will be along soon....but it should be Ineffective tissue perfusion: cerebral and the R/T should the main cause and altered sensation is not the the cause of the ineffective tissue perfusion...then the AEB should be all the signs/symptoms.
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  3. by   NativeFox
    Does this sound right?! I am doing a care plan on a pt who came in with numbness in r arm, increased BP, abnormal ECG, low K
    admit diagnosis is acute TIA

    my nursing Diagnosis: Ineffective Tissue Perfusion r/t altered sensation in extremities and decreased cerebral blood flow

    goal: the pt will have adequate perfusion of the tissues (?)

    I may having a hard time w/the goal

  4. by   Daytonite
    to properly diagnose and word this nursing diagnostic statement you must know the pathophysiology of a tia because it is the etiology, or related factor (the r/t part), of the diagnostic statement. this r/t (related to) part of the diagnostic statement answers the question of "why" the problem (nursing diagnosis) exists.
    • problem: disturbed sensory perception, tactile [definition: change in the amount or patterning of incoming stimuli accompanied by a diminished, exaggerated, distorted, or impaired response to such stimuli.]
    • etiology (cause): inadequate oxygen supply to the brain (because of the tia)
    • symptoms: numbness in right arm
    • diagnosis: disturbed sensory perception, tactile r/t inadequate oxygen supply to the brain secondary to tia aeb numbness in right arm.
      • goal (the predicted results of nursing interventions): see post #157 on CAREPLANS HELP PLEASE! (with the R\T and AEB) - careplans help please! (with the r\t and aeb) for information on how to construct goal statements.
        • by ___ the patient will have return of all sensation to the right arm.


    my nursing diagnosis: ineffective tissue perfusion r/t altered sensation in extremities and decreased cerebral blood flow
    • the diagnosis is incorrect.
    • ineffective tissue perfusion must be specified as to the specific tissues of the body involved. in this case, you would have meant: ineffective tissue perfusion, cerebral.
    • the r/t is always why the problem occurred. altered sensation in extremities does not result in a problem of blood flow to the brain. that just makes no sense. decreased cerebral blood flow only explains part of the problem. the reason for ineffective tissue perfusion is it denies oxygen to the tissues and because of the poor blood flow to them. the lack of oxygen to the brain cells is what leads to the symptoms you get.