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So I will be starting school in the fall (yayayayaya!) and I'm just trying to prep and get everything in advance. I want to do well in this so I can get my NP some day. What are some things out there that would be beneficial to... Read More

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    KB1975 - do you want suggestions other than the ones that are already in the earlier portion of this thread?

    Although many of the earlier posters suggested doing drug dose caculations as you are, there were other suggestions such as learning lab values, medical abbreviations, medical terminology, fluid & electrolytes. Perhaps read through the earlier posts and try some of those ideas.

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    This relatively recent thread also has quite a few suggestions -
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    Thank you! I will try those too. I still have to take my calculations test on June 25th for clinical. I am brushing up on simple math (fractions, decimals, percentages, etc).

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