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hi all, i am a new nursing student and new to this site. i am working on my first case study, and i am having a hard time deciding on the diagnosis. i know i am close, but i am such a perfectionist that my uncetainty is... Read More

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    @ dixielee. I agree that this was probably not written by a nurse on the floor.

    Dr- "What meds has the pt had?"
    Nurse- "All he could have"

    Yeah, i am sure that exchange would go over well!
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    DixieLee - love this post of your above! Some days I wish I would've learned nursing school the way ya'll did before.

    GrnTea- You are one of my biggest role models! From your posts alone, I learn so much!
    I think we should start a huge AN symposium or something where there is a guest lecturer and the rest of the weekend we spend running into each other! Hugs and smiles, with utmost respect!

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    @dixielee, you should be glad you don't have to deal with this! I have been in a hospital setting for 15 years, and I know how things are done on a floor. So when I get a scenario like that in nursing school, and I am told "okay -- you are the only nurse in the known hemisphere, and you have to deal with all of this. What would you do"? Well in real life, I would never be alone, and also, I would follow the physician orders that they so thoughtfully supply. Yes, I need to learn to assess, yes I need to learn critical thinking, but you are right. This is why nursing school makes me crazy!

    ETA that I agree. Grn Tea is my hero too. I have learned so much from those posts!
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