Discharge care plans

  1. Does anybody know of a website where I can look up an example of what a discharge care PLAN, not summary, looks like?
    It in this mind numbing Chronic Care module.

    The care plans I am specifically looking for are

    Severe stroke. Patient will never return home.


    Diabetes. Patient has had left below knee amputation.

    The diabetes actually has a discharge checklist to go with it.

    I have Discharge summary sheets, but I have never seen WHAT A DISCHARGE CARE Plan looks like so I have no idea HOW TO SET IT OUT. That's my main problem. I know how to do them but how do you write them up? Like a care plan? Or a letter to patient?

    My facilitator says that it has to be an involved discharge plan not just a summary.

    Can anyone help????? This module is driving me nuts and I just want to finish it as it's my last one to complete before all my theory is finished.
    Any help is greatfully appreciated.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    you are not going to find very many samples of care plans of any kind on the internet and specifically not any with regard to discharge planning.

    your care plan for discharge planning is always going to involve what the patient needs. this will come from your assessment of the patient. this is the same nursing process that goes into the care plan. so, you need to assess what the patient's needs are going to be upon discharge. i would start by assessing their adls and how they are going to accomplish following doctor's orders. these become your nursing problems that you turn into a nursing diagnosis and develop interventions for. with discharge planning your interventions are going to involve more teaching, education, instruction, and referral and notification of outside providers or contacts. there are lots of patient information for diabetes on the internet or that can be printed out and given to them. there are probably similar resources for stroke patients. do a search on medline plus (http://www.medlineplus.gov/) and you should find lots of links to get you started on both subjects.