D5 1/2 NS

  1. okay you have a bowel obstrution that had a bowel resection. K+ is 2.5. M.D. orders 4 K+ supplements and lab checked in A.M. at 08 k+ is 4.8 . Patient has D5 1/2 NS running. What is the appropriate response to the lab findings. Okay you notify doctor of lab results what else would you do. Does the IV fluid need changed or what?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    d5ns is given for hypertonic fluid replacement, to replace sodium, chloride, and give some calories. it has 5 grams dextrose, 77 meq sodium and 77 meq chloride. i'd probably ask the doc if he would like to add some kcl to these maintenance iv fluids (so you don't have another hypokalemia crisis).