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Constructive criticism on my resume, please...?

  1. 0 I always get such great advice on allnurses, I would like to get some constructive criticism on my resume. Obviously I changed a few names to maintain my privacy, but the over all format is the same.

    Is it a good length? Too much worthless info? I appreciate your feedback!!


    06/11-07/11 XXXXX Hospital America, USA
    Out-Patient Surgery Externship- Clinical Preceptor: Sarah XXXX, RN
    • Assisted in the completion of pre- and post- surgical assessments
    • Safely administered post-operative medications, under preceptor's supervision
    • Provided teaching to patients and their families regarding pre- and post- operative routines, smoking cessation, dietary requirements, physical activity, and disease management
    08/10-Present Clinical Rotations 450 Hours Completed
    XXXX Medical Center- Short Stay Surgery, PACU, OR, Digestive Health Center, Medical-Surgical, Pulmonary Care, Neonatal, Emergency Department, Wound Center, Cardiac Unit, Behavioral Health Center

    XXXX Regional Health Center- OR, Medical-Surgical, Labor and Delivery, Orthopedic, Psychiatric Unit

    XXXX Memorial Hospital- Medical-Surgical, Pediatrics, Emergency Department

    • Assertive and ethical when acting as patient advocate
    • Comfortable with clinical decision making and critical thinking
    • Skilled at providing calm, effective crisis intervention
    • Confident in utilizing the nursing process to provide competent, safe, effective patient care
    • Accomplished at providing motivated leadership and constructive feedback
    • Consistently demonstrate professional, positive attitude
    • Familiar with computerized documentation and analyzing client databases
    • Proven ability to readily establish effective rapport with co-workers

    09/08-09/09 XXXX Regional Center America, USA
    Psychology Technician- XXXXX Cottages
    • Assisted in developing and implementing behavior plans for developmentally disabled individuals
    • Responsible for teaching clients appropriate self-expression and social interaction
    • Acted in supervisory role as a support staff member
    • Certified to perform and instruct employees in techniques for managing aggressive behavior in crises
    09/06- 08/08 XXXX Residential America, USA
    Residential Support Supervisor- Main Campus
    • Assisted in developing, and implementing behavior plans for developmentally disabled clients in a therapeutic group home setting
    • Accountable for monitoring data collection by staff on a daily basis
    • Coordinated weekly multi-disciplinary treatment team and goal setting meetings
    • Responsible for supervising and providing periodic performance reviews for approximately 14 direct-care staff members
    • Completed investigations of suspected/alleged abuse

    01/06- 09/06 XXXX Children's Home America, USA
    Senior Resident Advisor- XXXX Assessment Unit
    • Assisted in developing and implementing behavioral interventions for adolescents in a therapeutic group home
    • Developed and implemented multiple accountability forms
    • Responsible for completing daily Medicaid billing for approximately 12 clients on a daily basis

    05/05-10/05 XXXX Academy America, USA
    Office Manager- The XXXX Home
    • Acted in supervisory role as administration staff member
    • Orienting staff to in-house procedure
    • Developed procedures to decrease expenditures and enhance patient care
    • Created and maintained multiple databases on approximately 15 staff members and 10 clients

    2010-Present XXXX Community College America, USA

    2002-2005 University of XXXX America, USA

    2000-2002 XXXX Community College America, USA

    • Created, maintain, and act as administrator for online communication board for 2012 ADN graduating class
    • Developed user-friendly clinical forms and streamlined existing clinical tools that have been adopted by my nursing program
    • Volunteer for Relay for Life and Wounded Warrior Project
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    i'd suggest a few things. your sentence fragments are fine (though you could cut the number down by half to have greater impact) but they should all match in form-- parallel construction is pleasing to the eye and cognitive parts :d. e.g.,

    • assertive and ethical
    • comfortable
    • skilled
    • confident
    • accomplished
    • consistently demonstrate ((not adjectives! does not match!))
    • familiar with
    • proven ability ((not adjectives! does not match!))


    • assisted (verb)
    • responsible (adjective)
    • acted (verb)
    • certified (adjective)

    and so forth c all the other sections
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    That's great advice... Thank you!