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Colostomy Take Down?????

  1. 0 Okay, first week of clinicals (EVER--first semester student)..we go up today to get our pt. info and I get a colostomy "take down" patient and my instructor has no idea what that means...I assume that it means they have taken out the colostomy bag, and closed things up since it says he has staples...

    We don't get to actually assess the pt. until tmr but I need to start developing a careplan but I am at a lost of what a colostomy take down entails...

    I am wondering if any nurses on here OR students have ever had a pt. with a similar case and could help me (not to develop the plan, I can do my own hw) but simply giving me some info on what it actually IS and what is happenning...LOL! That would be GREATLY appreciated!! Even directing me to websites would be good I tried to find some but failed....
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    colostomy reversals (take downs) are done on temporary colostomies. these kinds of colostomies are done to rest the distal part of the bowel and rectum for healing for some particular reason.
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    Omg Thank You!! You're The Greatest :d