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Clinical calculations: Online helpful?

  1. 0 I am researching online for the cheapest textbooks and one of them is Clinical Calculations. Amazon has a package that includes the textbook and online access. It's $30 more, I was just wondering if you think this would be helpful to me? Math is definitely not my best subject and I could probably use the extra help? Any input? thanks so much!
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    I would wait unless you know which type of calculations will be required by your school. Some NS allow ratio/proportion calcs and others require dimensional analysis calcs. Once you know you can order the proper book to teach. If it is DA, I can recommend "dimensional analysis" by Curren as an excellent teaching book.
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    My bad, I wasn't clear, the Clinical Calculations book is required, that's the text I need. I was just wondering whether the online access would be worth it for $30 more.
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    I have found that the online access offered with the books have not been very helpful at all. That being said everyone is different and you might like it. Good luck.