Chamberlain College of Nursing Columbus, OH

  1. I am trying to decide if I should apply here. I spoke with one student who graduated this spring from here and she felt it was very unorganized and that clinicals were all over the place and they would schedule them at the last minute. I also read a post on here that some clinicals are on Saturdays.
    So if any of you students are out there...please let me know the whole story good and bad. I'm trying to make a well rounded decision. I have an appointment with an advisor out there tomorrow.
    Also grads of Chamberlain please let me know if you would do it all over again. I know it's expensive but the time it would take to get through compared to COTC and CSCC would be no comparison.
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  3. by   shortnorthstudent
    I would move your post to the Ohio Nursing Programs section under Regions. You are likely to find more folks there familiar with Chamberlain.

    I have not attended there, but I did look into applying while I was waiting to apply to CSCC. I went in and met with an advisor with unofficial transcripts, etc. After meeting with them I decided not to apply. I felt that they were more interested in the $$ I could bring in than they were in me as a student. I attended a prestigious college for undergrad, but they were unwilling to accept transfer credit or allow me to attempt to test out of several courses. Courses that other local nursing schools had no problem with.

    I was looking at Chamberlain because of the speed of getting through the program and out into the work force. Ulitmately, I decided that waiting a bit for CSCC was worth it for my family not to have significant debt after leaving school when the job market may not have recovered enough.