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    As my final assignment, I am putting together a case study - this one is in relation to cataract surgery, which discusses presenting S&S, health history, co morbidities and how they impact on the surgery, pathophysiology and assessments, and a nursing care plan etc.

    I have all of the info, and it is pretty much complete, but I'm struggling with a logical flow. I just feel that I am jumping all over the place and repeating myself.

    Does anyone have any links to case study templates??
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    for nursing you should follow the 5 steps of the nursing process. i do it all the time in helping people get their care plans organized.
    • assessment (collect data)
    • determine nursing problems and name the nursing diagnoses
    • write measurable outcomes and interventions
    • initiate the care plan
    • determine if outcomes have been met
    a case study is merely a care plan in an essay form.

    there is also this website that is more of a medical model case study constructor that will get you organized through the empirical assessment data:
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    Thanks so much for that.

    I just wasn't feeling it with regards to flow organisation...
    Not sure if you've ever been there

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