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  1. 0 plzzzz help me to solve this case study

    As you move toward the house, you ask the dispatcher if ALS has responded. You are told the are already en route. when you walk into the room you see the mother on the bed and the father with the telephone cradled on his shoulder as he talks to the dispatcher. the father immediately stands aside, and you and your partner see crowning and realize that the delivery will take place
    any minute you put on gloves and set up the OB kit while getting assessment information from the mother. It is her second delivers but it is 2 weeks early. labor started about an hour ago, and the pains have been more frequent lately and very intense. the water broke just before they called 911. while your partner is obtaining a set of vital signs, the baby starts to deliver. the head comes out and you notice that the umbilical cord is around the baby's neck.
    You are able to slip it over the baby's head, and the baby continues to deliver. The shoulders and the wrest of the baby's body quickly follow.


    1. What immediate care should he provided to the newborn??

    2. What care should your partner be giving to the mother?

    plzzz help me
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    We are happy to help...but you need to help as well...what do you think is important? what would be your FIRST concern? Think ABC's (airway, breathing, circulation). Is the baby crying? Is the baby active? Is the baby warm? of Newborn Health Guidelines (2012).pdf
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    But the question two what is answer
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    We are happy to help...we are...but we don't just give answers.....our goal is to help you be the best nurse you can be. Telll us what you have found.....What has your research told you? What does your book say? What would be important to know post delivery... is there bleeding? What about the placenta? Look here.....Protecting Mothers in Risky Situations: Assisting in Emergencies: UNFPA
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    thanx >> but i have more explanation
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    Try this resource.....we will help but we don't just give answers. Our goal is to help you lern ....not give you the answers. Tell me what you have done you far...what have you looked up? What evidence have you found researching this? look at this link...

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    thank you for caring
    nice to meet u
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    nice to meet you as well.....
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    dont understand case
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    Quote from nurse nesreen
    dont understand case
    YOU arrive on the scene with a woman in labor and the baby is crowing.....what do you do next? What is important to know? What questions should you ask?

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