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  1. Hey everyone, I am in my final term of my nursing program and although I've done many of care-plans already I am having a difficult time deciding what to do for one of my clients. My public health client was diagnosed with Morbid Obesity quite some time ago and she is completely bed-bound. I thought about possibly during a nursing diagnosis/careplan about her risk for isolation (even though she does have frequent visitors, health aides for 10 hours of the day, and is frequently on the phone with her family/friends), I also thought of impaired physical mobility. There are obviously possibly others but were not the main focus with this client. My client cannot get out of bed without assistance from multiple people, and requires an ambulance with multiple personnel to get her out of bed and into the ambulance to go to the hospital (remind you, this is only for a routine checkup). Can anyone help me with a nursing diagnosis for this client? Could I do "impaired physical mobility r/t..." or does that not work because she isn't only impaired but completely bed-bound?? She isn't able to get to her appointments due to her weight and not being able to get out of bed, so she also hasn't seen a dentist in quite some time as well. If anyone has any suggestions for nursing diagnosis' to use or can critique/perfect the ones I have already thought of that would be great!! Thank you!
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    Impaired physical mobility definitely applies- she is not mobile like a "normal" person is. Someone who is bed bound is the most extreme form of impaired mobility So your "impaired physical mobility" is d/t confinement to bed. (and immobility is the mother load for potential problems ).

    What about skin care? (folds of skin d/t obesity and also d/t immobility)

    Risks for various infections- (d/t immobility, skin infections, UTIs,)

    Bowels... immobility and poor nutrition

    Nutrition (more than body needs)...AEB BMI of ____ (should have BMI chart somewhere easy to find either online or in nutrition textbook).

    Risk for DVTs

    Most of the immobility risks will apply (this bed bound thing is actually good for having "enough" stuff for a care plan )

    Potential self esteem issues

    Social isolation d/t confinement to bed (or however they word things these days- LOL....back in 1983-1985 NANDA was such a PITA- probably still is.... (even with visitors, she can't get out like "normal").

    Maybe this will help???

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    Thank you for the responses, I thought about some of these but that just helped me reinforce what I was thinking. Nutrition and DVT's etc. were really good ideas. Thank you for responding so quickly! I appreciate it!
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    You're welcome....contrary to popular belief we will answer homework stuff as long as we can see you've attempted to think it through
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    Quote from Esme12
    You're welcome....contrary to popular belief we will answer homework stuff as long as we can see you've attempted to think it through

    And thank YOU for being appreciative