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  1. I am entering Med Surg/OR this semester and I was told that the adjunct that we had last semester did not adequately prepare us for care plans. Our facilitator said we need to do a lot of work on them before next semester. I have my basic principles down and I understand my NANDA diag. but, I would like to see some other examples of what a care plan should look like, we never had a blueprint. Can anyone Give me a couple of good reference books that I could use continually through school? I want a book that is easy to use and spells it out for us newbies. BTW why is this book your favorite?

    Thank you in advance,

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  3. by   Daytonite
    here are weblinks to examples of care plans. please know that every care plan needs to be customized to each patient. see help with care plan. i help students with their care plans all the time.

  4. by   L&DWannaB
    Daytonite- THANK YOU! I spent a bit of time looking over the sites you recommended and upon reviewing the sites at related to my main DX I feel I have a good grasp. I made an A on my 2 care plans and I feel that the general statement may have been for most of the group but, not all of us. I had good interventions, rationalle and my r/t were right on. I will use these invaluable resources in the future and I appreciate all of the time you put into your response.