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Care plan blood transfusion

  1. 0 So today I had a client today who the moment I walked in needed 2 units of blood as an SPN I can't do much aside from taking vitals and stopping the blood an assessing for a transfusion reaction, however I have to write a care plan for tomorrow, I have all of his labs and the reason for the Blood was his hemoglobin was at 7.8 , with the normal range being 13.5-17.5. So upon discussing my pt with my instructor she suggested to make a diagnosis involving the blood transfusion. All of his vitals were stable BP 97/59
    T-97.4 PO98 pulse 68 Respirations 20 Pain 0/10 BGM 110 no complaints of dizziness Input and Output were sufficient. So is there any ideas as what diagnosis I should use?

    Pleas help!
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    a blood transfusion is a medical treatment ordered by the doctor to treat a symptom that the doctor found when he assessed this patient and found the symptoms of the anemia. people are anemic and need blood because
    • they are bleeding and loosing blood (blood loss anemia)
    • they have some other type of anemia, commonly the absence of a component needed for the formation of the rbcs or a genetic error in their synthesis (aplastic, iron deficiency, sickle cell)
    • they have kidney disease which also affects the ability of the body to replace its supply of rbcs
    to care plan this i would first consider what the symptoms would be of having low rbcs. were they corrected with the transfusion? if this information is not available to you about the patient, then i would consider the complications and implications of transfusion that could happen down the line for a care plan. this would require looking up what happens to a foreign rbc that enters a person's body and how their system deals with it, what precautions the patient should take post-transfusion. there is information about transfusions on post #5 of this sticky thread: Any Good IV Therapy or Nursing Procedure Web Sites - any good iv therapy or nursing procedure web sites.