Books for Ped's/Maternity & Cardiac/Resp. ?

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    I'm starting my 2nd year in just under one month (27 days to be exact) with only 2 semesters left i'm feeling the stress! This semester we're taking Pediatric Nursing, Maternal-Newborn nursing, and Cardiac/Respiratory (which is Adult Health II)

    They're throwing so much at us because they switched from quarters to semesters starting this year, so after 3 quarters of nursing school, we now have 2 semesters left and they had to condense everything from 3 quarters into 2 semesters...which means more work for us :P

    Basically I want to know what everyone recommends as good "extra" books for Pediatrics, Maternity and Cardiac/Respiratory. I know we are required to have a book on reading ECG's But I want to know what everyone has used, and what they have found to help during these classes???

    I'm talking everything from Care-plan books, to "made easy" books...just anything that helped you through those classes!

    Also if you have any pointers for Pediatric/Maternity clinical's and tips for studying and test taking....any and all help is appreciated!
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    I did not even buy texts my last year since the instructor's lectures were so comprehensive. I figured if I knew that info I would pass. To me the biggest challenge with kids was the actual hands on, as you have to learn to assess without getting reliable verbal feedback from the patient. I suspect your instructor has a list of "recommended reading" and you might find books in the reference section of the school library.
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    cardiac nursing, by woods, sivarajan, & underhill (though underhill has married and the new edition may have a new name on it :d) ajn book of the year for its class. you'll never regret it.