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  1. quick question about a nursing diagnosis for my bipolar patient. she has been noncompliant with her medication. i know Noncompliance is the nursing diagnosis, but im unsure of what its related to.

    Noncompliance R/T ? AEB patient lithium levels are below therapeutic level.

    The list NANDA gives for noncompliance doesnt apply to my patient. When I asked her why she wasn't taking her medications she told me, "I don't know. Just stopped cuz." its not a knowledge deficit because she acknowledges that she should be taking them and understands the reasoning for them and agrees she should be taking them. It doesn't have anything to do with personal, spiritual, or financial reasons. So what do I put that its related to?

    Thanks for the help

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  3. by   LaurenSN
    r/t impaired cognition secondary to Bipolar Disorder... Mental health wasn't my best area but hope this helps
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  4. by   teensmom
    Many bipolar people want to feel normal, taking meds is not normal. Also, mania is a great feeling. My daughter stopped taking meds the minute she turned 18. These were the two reasons. It is part of being mentally ill, very much to be expected. She is actually doing quite well now 2 years later, after a few stints in the hospital and being homeless. I'm having a hard time putting this into NANDA terms tho.
  5. by   mammac5
    High risk for self-injury (self or others) (Manic people tend to engage in dangerous behaviors, such as driving very fast, consuming lots of alcohol or other substances to self-medicate) (Those is a depresses state may have thoughts/plans for suicide, cut themselves, etc.)

    Self-care deficit (Again, manic people may go days without sleep or food, while depressed pts may also stop eating, stop bathing, etc.)

    Alteration in thought processes (thinking you don't need to take your meds when you have a diagnosed mental health problem for which you've been on meds and stable in the past...definitely alteration in thought processes!)

    All may be related to feelings of depression, lack of concentration, lack of judgement, etc., secondary to Bipolar Disorder.